At Entwistle’s Garage in Leicester, we do it all. From maintenance and repair services that are a little more involved to basic automotive maintenance services, we have you covered. Automotive diagnostic services are the keys to getting to the root of your vehicle’s issue. If any of your dash lights come on- the Check Engine light, Maintenance Required light, or the Oil Change light, to name a few- don’t hesitate to give Entwistle’s Garage in Leicester a call today.

Reliable Auto Diagnostic Services in Leicester

At Entwistle’s Garage in Leicester, we know how worrying it can be to have your dashboard lights come on while you’re driving. Or maybe you hear a strange sound thatwasn’t previously emanating from your car. Perhaps instead of a sound, your car starts rumbling or moving in a way that is concerning. The automotive experts at Entwistle’s Garage in Leicester are prepared to take care of all your automotive diagnostic and repair needs. It is important to bring your car in as soon as you start experiencing problems or one of your dashboard lights comes on so that you can get ahead of any potential automotive maintenance or repair services that your vehicle may require. Give us a call at Entwistle’s Garage in Leicester today.


It is imperative for the health of your vehicle to have any sounds or sensations that seem out of the ordinary, or any dashboard light, such as your Check Engine light, your Maintenance Required light, or your Oil Change light, checked out as soon as possible. Having these problems taken care of as soon as possible can potentially prevent future problems down the road. An automotive issue that produces an odd sound or grinding, squeaking, or rumbling could rapidly cause damage to your vehicle, making it less efficient and wearing out the motor and various parts quickly. If you have questions or concerns about automotive diagnostic services, give us a call or come on down to the shop. One of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have about oil changes and vehicle maintenance.